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April 16, 2017
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Kinetic Shift Practitioner

Very recently I attended a course taught by Karl Smith – an inspiring hypnosis teacher.  Karl is refreshingly different from many other teachers on the hypnosis circuit.  He is modern, dynamic, fast and such a genuine person.  I wish I had come across him earlier.

It was a two day course held in Bristol.  The first day was all about ‘rapid inductions’ or producing hypnosis in people in a fast way – such as you see on the street or stage.

I already knew how to utilise these inductions but very rarely did so in my therapy room – however I now am a total convert.  Why waste such a long time ‘boring’ people into hypnosis when you can produce the state in minutes – leaving much longer time in the session to do the valuable work of making the change.

The second day was learning his ‘Kinetic Shift’ technique – a way of removing anxiety, fears, phobias, habits and more in a fast, effective and fun way – without even using formal hypnosis.

I was sceptical at first, as I often am with new techniques.  I watched Karl demo the technique and it seemed so simple and fast – surely this was too good to be true.

Wow, how wrong I was – I was truly blown away by the effectiveness of this wonderful tool.  Especially having experienced it myself – I can honestly say it is amazing.  Since being on the course, I’ve used it many times to great effect with clients.  I’ve removed a life long dental phobia in 10 minutes, years of anxiety in 20 minutes, got rid of cigarette cravings in minutes, removed chronic pain, headaches, jealousy and more.

Just because you’ve had an issue for a long time, does not mean it will take a long time to remove it.  I love working with these modern, rapid techniques and am proud to be a Kinetic Shift Practitioner.

If you have any interest in learning hypnosis or learning a way to help people quickly and easily, I would highly recommend this course.  It is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced hypnotherapists.  Check out the UK Hypnosis Academy.

If you have something you’d like to get rid of or a change you would like to make, then get in touch and experience the kinetic shift for yourself!

Jo x