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March 10, 2017
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April 18, 2017
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New Website – At last!

Finally – my new website is live! Hooray.  It is however, still a work in progress and probably always will be at some level. Now I’ve got the framework in place, I have some lovely website experts who are going to make it look nicer at some stage, so please bear with me.  It is however much better than the old one, even in this amateur state!

It has been a real learning curve creating it myself and there have been many times over the last year or so, when I just thought it would never happen.  Despite procrastinating, throwing tantrums and wanting to just give up – it’s finally come together in a basic way.  I’d much rather spend my time with clients, helping them to overcome their issues – however of course in order to let people know I can help them, I need an up to date website.

I’ve learned how to overcome feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth.  I promised myself I would do one thing, however small – to developing it each day.  Even if it was just writing one sentence of content.   Very often this would lead to doing more and of course the nearer I got to the end, the more motivated I became to finishing it.

Anyway here it is – definitely not a masterpiece but hopefully a useful tool to get my message across  – I can help people.  Hypnosis can help people in a powerful way.  People can be helped in a relatively short space of time, in many cases.

In the near future, my hypnosis products will be available on this site – mp3 hypnosis downloads for confidence, reducing anxiety  and other subjects.  Also my first online programme will be launched later this year which will be another learning curve for me but will enable me to help even more people, so I am excited about that!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do be in touch.

Jo x