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Fear of Flying? You Can Overcome it

With the holiday season upon us, there are many people who are finding the idea of getting on a plane far from relaxing!

The idea of going away somewhere lovely is exciting but then the very thought of the flying experience can trigger anxious thoughts and feelings.

Then once you have gone through that ‘ordeal’ of getting to your lovely destination, it doesn’t take long for the fear of the journey home to kick in.

In today’s troubled world, more and more people have a fear of flying – even though many know the statistics that flying is in fact the safest way to travel by far.  Safer than travelling in a car or crossing a road.

However, statistics are not important to your unconscious mind – all your unconscious mind wants to do is ensure your survival and once it has taken on the belief that flying is dangerous, it sets off the warning system loud and clear and that fear response is not easily changed using your logical mind.

There are many people who do not even consider travelling abroad as they are just so frightened of flying. It is one of the most common phobias with an estimated one in ten people experiencing flight anxiety.

I had a client recently who had not flown for almost 20 years.  A family member unfortunately had died and the funeral was a short flight away.  This person had been having sleepless nights and was wracked with anxiety at the thought of going on a plane the very next day.

Hypnotherapy was the very last resort for them, having tried medications, alcohol, CBT and more and they were very sceptical that hypnotherapy would work but wanted to give it a try. It did work – and in less than an hour too.

After their trip, they reported back how amazed they were about how calm they felt. In fact their exact words were, “I enjoyed the flight immensely.”

Why does hypnotherapy work for flying phobias?

Hypnotherapy is renowned for being an excellent solution for fears and phobias.

You don’t choose to have that fear do you? It’s an instinctive response – it happens automatically and unconsciously.

Changing that response via hypnosis can be a very effective way of updating your unconscious reaction, so you can feel calm and relaxed about flying which can change the whole experience of travelling for you.

You don’t have to keep holding on to that flying anxiety, you can feel calm when flying and appreciate the wonderful freedom it gives you.

It often  only takes one session too.

Why not be in touch for a friendly free consultation to see if hypnosis can help you feel calmer about flying.