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October 5, 2017
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UK Hypnosis Convention 2017

Last weekend I spent three days in London at the annual UK Hypnosis Convention.

The Convention is in it’s second year and is a gathering of hypnotists, hypnotherapists and people interested in the subject from all around the world.  Some of the very best in the field were in attendance, giving presentations and generously sharing their knowledge.  For me, it was like attending your favourite band in concert, and then spending time socialising and making friends with your idols from the stage – a bit surreal to begin with.

On Friday I attend a pre-convention course.  The morning was spent with father and son legends, Freddie and Anthony Jacquin.  Renowned worldwide for their skills and knowledge in the hypnosis world, I have been wanting to train with them for ages and it was a privilege to be able to.  Once I had got over being star-struck, I had a fantastic learning experience with them – particularly their Arrow Technique which has wonderful results worldwide in reducing pain – both physical and emotional.

The afternoon was spent learning with another ‘hypno-legend’ in Bob Burns – who is the creator of The Swan technique.  A huge character, the afternoon was full of fun – my cheeks hurt from laughing at the end.  What a fantastic way to learn.

Saturday was a day full of hypnosis gold, attending a variety of presentations from 9am through to 6.15pm with among others, Bob Burns, Adam Eason, James Tripp, Felix Economakis, Melissa Tiers and the very energetic Gary Turner.

My mind was spinning by the end of it but there was no time to read through my countless notes, it was a quick shower, change and down again for the Gala Dinner! I overcame my shyness of not knowing many people pretty quickly and before long was chatting away to anyone who would listen.  Of course I hit the hay nice and early ready for the following day of presentations, I mean 3am is early in the morning after all isn’t it!

Sunday was another day of full on presentations from some wonderful presenters including Kevin Laye and Anthony and Freddie Jacquin.  The three days went by in a flash and my conscious mind is catching up and processing everything that happened – hopefully my unconscious mind fully absorbed everything.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a huge and continually developing field and I know I will never stop learning and enjoying the process of being able to help people in such a special way.

It is so important to continue to learn and develop skills.  Our minds love to learn, be creative and feel a sense of achievement – it is one of the Human Givens basic needs that keep us emotionally balanced.

Just being aware of your emotional needs can help see areas that might need improvement.  For more information, please see here https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/blog/the-primal-human-needs