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Hypnotherapy Session v Hypnosis Audios


I’m often asked what the benefits are of having a one to one session with a hypnotherapist or listening to a hypnosis audio recording, CD, or download.

Audios can be really useful for simple issues.  For example, general relaxation, reducing stress or confidence boosting.  When listened to regularly hypnosis recordings can bring about some very positive changes.

However if someone has had an issue for a long time or their issue has strong emotional reactions, then a one to one session is far more beneficial initially, with the positive changes being reinforced by listening to audios after the sessions. In one to one sessions, various psychotherapy techniques can be used within hypnosis to really clear out the root of any issue.

Benefits of having a hypnotherapy session with a hypnotherapist:

  • One to one sessions are personalised and tailored to you, to help you overcome your specific issues and install the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • As personal sessions are tailored to you, they can have a powerful effect on helping you get the outcome you want.
  • Many psychotherapy techniques that are applied in a one to one session are just not suitable to perform on a generic audio recording.
  • Hypnotherapy is a communication or conversation between your unconscious mind and your hypnotherapist – this can’t be done on an audio recording.
  • In one to one sessions, various psychotherapy techniques can be used within hypnosis to really clear out the root of any issue and install preferred ways of being.
  • Talking to someone confidentially, who will not judge you in anyway, can be very cathartic in helping you overcome your issue.

Benefits of hypnosis recordings/downloads:

  •  Audio recordings can be used to give hypnotic suggestions to reinforce any change work that has been done in your personalised one to one session.
  • The meditative nature of hypnosis audios is deeply relaxing and mood boosting leaving you feeling calmer generally when listening on a regular basis.
  • You can listen as often as you like, at a time that suits you, in the privacy of your own environment.
  • Listening to a recording on a regular basis can bring about positive changes that happen automatically as the suggestions become absorbed by your unconscious mind.
  • Recordings are an excellent way of experiencing hypnosis if you want to try it out before booking in with a hypnotherapist.

I have some hypnosis audios available to download HERE if you would like to experience hypnosis at home.

If you would like any further information about how hypnosis can help you overcome that ‘thing’ that has been holding you back, please do be in touch for a no obligation confidential chat.