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March 2, 2018
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April 1, 2018
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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

It’s that lovely time of year when the days are getting longer, spring flowers are brightening up the garden, summer is not too far away and the spring sunshine highlights all the cobwebs in the house that I’ve been blissfully unaware of during the dark depths of winter!!

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about cobwebs!

What a perfect time of year to get rid of those emotional cobwebs that are hanging around, gathering dust.

Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to sort out for a while.  Could now be time to take action to overcome any issues you might be struggling with, be it anxiety, low self esteem, emotional eating or maybe you are considering starting a new chapter in your life.

What is one small thing you can do now, that might help you to start the ball rolling?  Here are some tips on how to feel emotionally lighter:

1. Breathe out stress

Take a few moments at the beginning and end of each day, to relax, focus on your breathing and imagine you are breathing in calmness, and breathing out stresses, anxieties and worries.  Imagine what it feels like as those unnecessary stresses and tensions leave your system and are then replaced with calm.

2. Give yourself the present

So many people are living either ruminating on the past or fretting about the future.  Accept the past, it’s over and done with, take the learnings from it, forgive it, forgive yourself and move forward.

Plan for the future, set compelling goals and outcomes that get you excited and bounding out of bed in the mornings.

Then live in the present moment.  After all, that’s all we really have anyway.  The present.  As each second ticks by, the present is already the past – so make the most of just being present, right here, right now.

3. Quit comparing

Stop comparing yourself negatively to others.  No one else is walking in your shoes and you are not walking in theirs.  By all means, find people that inspire you and model their behaviours and actions but there is no one else on this earth now and there never will be anyone exactly like you, with your unique qualities and experiences.  You are amazing!  Be you in all your amazingness.

4. Get some fresh air

The long, dark nights of winter seem to go on forever don’t they.  Why not come out of hibernation and get some fresh air. It’s good for the soul (as long as it’s not pouring with rain of course).

5. Hypnosis

Obviously with my very biased, hypnotherapy hat on – hypnosis is a wonderful way for an emotional detox.  I give one to all of my clients usually on their first session with me.

It’s very liberating to let go of old, unnecessary stresses and anxieties that you have been carrying about with you.

If a session is not possible – why not try a hypnosis audio.  There are plenty available online and I have some available that I have created HERE.