Driving Test Nerves

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September 15, 2018
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Driving Test Nerves

I remember my driving test like it was yesterday – it was possibly the most nerve-racking experience of my life.

I wanted to pass so badly.   I wanted the freedom it would give me.   I am completely amazed that I did pass first time as I literally was on the verge of a panic attack throughout what felt like hours.

When you are that nervous, making mistakes is so much easier to do as the reasoning part of your brain is taken over by the emotional part.  Everything you’ve learned seems to temporarily vanish from your mind and it’s easy to become absorbed in thoughts about what might go wrong, which does nothing to calm the mind!

I so wish I had known what I know now, about how to calm myself quickly, to focus on what I want to happen, to do mental rehearsal as well as practical, to make my self talk encouraging rather than critical and of course to use hypnosis.

I recently created a hypnosis audio to help people feel calmer about their driving test.  This audio uses hypnotic suggestion to programme in a calm, confident mind-set when it comes to a driving test.

If you, or you know of anyone with an upcoming test – they should find this very useful to calm those nerves.


For the month of October, I’m offering £5 off this hypnosis download.

To get your copy, please click below:

Driving Test Nerves