Confidence & Self Esteem

We are all born with confidence but as sensitive beings, as we develop and grow, our experiences affect us and for some, self confidence is seriously lacking.

A lack of self belief can make you miserable and the constant self doubt and believing everything that goes wrong is in some way your fault can be exhausting.

Has a lack of confidence has been holding you back from doing things you want to, such as going for that perfect job, feeling relaxed and comfortable in social situations, going on a date or even a lifelong ambition to do a bungee jump or something!

If you doubt yourself, are always telling yourself you can’t do something, because you don’t want to feel/look like a failure, it is likely are feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied in your life.

The good news is you can make changes to those unhelpful thought patterns, you can begin to feel confident and genuinely start to like yourself, increasing your self worth and self belief.

We can work together to reprogramme those unhelpful thought patterns, which means you can start believing in yourself and doing those ‘thing’s that you have not had the confidence to do until now.

You can feel comfortable and happy to be YOU!

Imagine how wonderful that might be? I wonder what you could achieve if only you had the confidence and self belief to do so?

Self Esteem

Self esteem is how you feel about yourself within.  Many of my clients want to feel good in their skin, just to be them, to relax with who they are and not worry what other people think.

When you value yourself, other people value you more too which opens the door of opportunity for new satisfying relationships.

You can feel good about yourself, you can feel happy with who you are, you can achieve all those things you’ve always wanted to do.

Certain things may take a while to achieve, but you can enjoy that journey.

So if you are ready now to stop hiding, to start living your life to the fullest – then please be in touch.

So much has changed since I had hypnosis with Jo. I’m almost a completely different person and everyone else is also commenting on how much I’ve changed. I feel that I’m ready now to pursue a career in the police. I can’t thank Jo enough – it’s amazing, I’m thrilled with the results!
Horseriding confidence – I am feeling so much better since my hypnotherapy session on Zoom. My confidence and trust in my horse has grown and he is definitely responding to it. I feel so much calmer and happier. I had my first hack out in ages this morning and was calm and relaxed. I really enjoyed it and so did my horse!