Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes, as long as they want to be. Hypnosis is a powerful process of imagination that can help you to make changes to your thought patterns and behaviours.

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Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

No. Hypnosis is a narrowing of attention, putting all your focus onto the experience.   Hypnosis does not require you to have your eyes closed – you can experience hypnotic suggestion during conversation.

How does it feel to be in hypnosis?

Many people report it feels like a deep sense of calm.

Others experience a feeling of complete muscle relaxation and maybe a heavy feeling in their muscles as they relax and let go.  Whilst others say they feel very light as if they were floating.  The experience is unique to each person.

Many people say they feel energised and renewed after the session.

You will be able to hear everything that is said to you and you are in full control throughout.

What happens in a session?

During your first session, I will go through a consultation form with you to discuss any relevant medical history.  You will be asked to sign this form once completed.

Throughout this first part of the session, I will be finding out more details about you and the reason for your visit.  Together we will establish exactly what it is you want to achieve and we will develop a hypnosis plan to ensure you achieve it.

Once you are happy and ready to experience hypnosis, I will show you how powerful your mind is by giving you a hypnotic experience before proceeding to communicate with your unconscious mind to bring about the desired changes.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions that it will take for you to get the outcome you want, very much depends on your personal circumstances.

However, although sometimes the required changes can be made after just one session – it is a good idea to budget for two or three for best results.

I will be able to give you a clearer idea of how many sessions would  be most beneficial to you after your free telephone consultation.

Why is it more expensive compared to talking therapies?

Talking therapies such as counselling and CBT often need many sessions to help with a problem.

These therapies absolutely have a place for certain issues – however the clients I work with can see huge changes from the two to three sessions of hypnotherapy and be free of their old problem or certainly well on the way to be.

After successfully overcoming their problem, when asked how much they would pay not have the issue re-installed, most clients answer, “Thousands.”

Imagine you have completely overcome your issue, what’s life like for you? What you value would you put on that? How much would you be prepared to pay to not have that issue back?

What is the difference between hypnotherapy sessions and hypnosis recordings you can buy?

Audios can be really useful for simple issues.  For example, general relaxation, reducing stress or confidence boosting.  When listened to regularly hypnosis recordings can bring about some very positive changes.

However if someone has had an issue for a long time or their issue has strong emotional reactions, then a one to one session is far more beneficial initially, with the positive changes being reinforced by listening to audios after the sessions. In one to one sessions, various psychotherapy techniques can be used within hypnosis to really clear out the root of any issue.

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Why should I book in with Jo?

I am absolutely committed to helping those that book in with me, to overcome their issues.

Only people I truly believe I can help with my professional skills will be booked in.  This means, not everyone that contacts me will be taken on as a client.

I offer a personalised, confidential and professional service and I am continually updating my skills and knowledge to help you achieve the best outcome for you.

Please do check out my testimonials for feedback from past clients.

Curious about how hypnotherapy can help you?

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