What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural way of ‘being’ that we all experience many times a day.  I believe we are always in hypnosis at some level.

Hypnosis is a powerful process of imagination that can create physical responses to our mind and body.

For example, when we are watching a film we are really enjoying, we become very immersed in the experience.  We laugh when it is funny, we cry when it is sad, we tense up when it is scary.

We are having a physical reaction to the film as if it were real – because we are so focused on it, our logical mind is less active.  We are not thinking about the fact they are actors, that there are cameras, that it’s just a ‘story’ and not real.  We are feeling it, we are ‘in’ the experience – our bodies and unconscious mind are acting as though it were real in that moment in time.

Hypnosis is when you are fully absorbed by an idea. When in hypnosis, your mind accepts your imagination as your reality.

Demonstrated in the video on the right, Gemma’s unconscious mind has accepted the suggestion that her arm is locked in place and that she is unable to bend her arm.

Logically she knows that it is isn’t, yet her inner mind has accepted it as true and because her imagination is much more powerful that logic, she is unable to bend it.

Imagine what can be achieved using hypnosis for positive change.

When you are fretting about the worst case scenario, telling yourself you can’t cope with stuff – you are hypnotising yourself into a negative state.

I can help de-hypnotise you so you can feel and behave differently.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

When using hypnosis in a clinical setting, we use the language of your unconscious mind, your imagination, to change your emotions and behaviours at an unconscious level.

It is not even necessary to have your eyes closed, I will be working with your unconscious mind as soon as we meet.

If you have been trying to overcome your issue but the change just isn’t happening – it is likely because that ‘thing’ is being run by the powerful unconscious/autonomous part of your mind.  No matter how hard you try to assert your will power, logic and reason – if it is an unconscious behaviour then it can be very difficult to change.

If you have a problem that’s being driven by your unconscious mind – it makes sense to use communication with that part of your mind to overcome it.

Using hypnosis it is possible to ‘rewire’ the mind to program in new, preferred thought patterns and behaviours making it easy for you to make the change.

In some cases it maybe that an event from the past is affecting you now – using hypnosis we can ask your unconscious mind to neutralise any unhelpful emotions you are still experiencing and file that event in the archives so that it stops adversely affecting you now.

If you have a habit that you simply cannot change with will power alone – using hypnosis you can change easily as your unconscious mind is updated to make different choices.

Maybe anxiety is taking over your life – even small things stress you out and send you into overwhelm.  A hypnotic emotional detox – getting rid of unnecessary worry and tension that your mind has been holding on to can work wonders.

The applications of hypnotherapy for positive change have a wide reach.

I work with a variety of other tools and techniques alongside hypnosis to help achieve the best possible result for each individual person.

I also strive to teach my clients ways of helping themselves in the future should they need to.

I could get addicted to the whole hypnosis thing thanks to you. It was so relaxing and helped clear my mind and refocus and I have been very happy since my sessions.

Are you curious how hypnotherapy can help you?

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