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May 25, 2018
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Overcome A Past Relationship – At Home Hypnosis Programme


Use the power of your own unconscious mind to help you overcome a past relationship, move on and be happy.

Your downloadable hypnosis and coaching programme to help you move on and be happy.

Work through this empowering programme in the comfort of your own home.

What you will receive:

  • Three PDF modules to download packed full of mind changing tools to help you get over your ex and move on.
  • Two videos containing easy, yet powerful techniques to help you feel differently.
  • Three carefully created hypnosis audios to help you get over your past relationship easily.
  • Access to a secret Facebook group where you can get advice and support.

To get the most out of this programme, work through one module per week.

A notebook or journal is also advised to be used alongside the programme.

For more details on this product, please see HERE

Important information

Do not listen to hypnosis recordings while you are driving, operating machinery or doing any other task that requires your attention. Only listen to it when it is safe for you to close your eyes and relax completely.  If you have any medical condition that you are unsure about, please do consult with your GP before listening to this recording.  Please read our full terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy information before purchase.