Hypnosis MP3 – Relax With Hypnosis
May 8, 2017
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Hypnosis MP3 – Boost Your Confidence


Do you want to be more confident?  This hypnosis mp3 recording will help you to do just that!

A relaxing hypnosis induction, followed by hypnotic suggestions for increasing your confidence and self esteem.

All you need to do is close your eyes, allow yourself to drift into a pleasant state of mind as the suggestions sink into your unconscious mind effortlessly.

Length: 25 minutes

Important Information

Do not listen to this hypnosis recording while you are driving, operating machinery or doing any other task that requires your attention. Only listen to it when it is safe for you to close your eyes and relax completely. If something should happen while you are listening that requires your full attention, you will immediately return to your full conscious awareness – hypnosis is not sleep.  If you have any medical condition that you are unsure about, please do consult with your GP before listening to this recording.

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