Working With Jo

It is important to me to know that I am the right person to help you overcome your issue and that hypnotherapy is a good fit for you.

I only take on clients that I honestly believe I can help, which is the reason I speak to all my potential clients beforehand in a friendly, free telephone consultation.

This phone chat enables us to discuss what you would like help with, any relevant history of your problem and what you ideal outcome would be from our work together.

This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about hypnotherapy and how I work.

You will also be able to get a sense if I am the right person to work with you.

If you feel happy to proceed we will set an appointment for your first session, which is approximately one hour long.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe process, however there are some health conditions that are contra-indicated and there are others that will require consent from you doctor in order for us to proceed.  This will be discussed during our phone chat.

At present, I am working with clients online using Zoom.  Once the appointment is scheduled, I will send you a link to to use for our session.  If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, I can talk you through the process – it’s very simple.  All you need is a decent internet connection and a private space.

  • The anxiety I grappled with which prevented me from driving has significantly diminished and I am back on the roads. My view of myself has also completely turned around so that I now have a wholly positive perspective and confidence in my ambitions.
  • Severe Spider Phobia - I came face to face with a big spider yesterday.  I thought I would run but I didn't freak out at all, I was able to move it! Thank you so much for what you did for me.
  • Jo you are a magician! Since our first session 16 months ago, having smoked consistently for 20 years and vaped for 5 years, I have not smoked, craved, missed or even thought about smoking once since, you literally deleted it from my brain, same with my husband and his smoking. Best thing we ever did! I’ll keep you posted how the cutting down the drinking goes - 4 days in and I feel my habit has already changed, all subconsciously, no effort or drama. Also my bad dreams have changed to being transported to my happy places, really unbelievable. So chuffed to have found you and hypno!
  • Horseriding Confidence  - I am feeling so much better since my hypnotherapy session on Zoom.  My confidence and trust in my horse has grown and he is definitely responding to it.  I feel so much calmer and happier.  I had my first hack out in ages this morning and was calm and relaxed.  I really enjoyed it and so did my horse!
  • Jo was absolutely brilliant. What more can I say. If you're thinking of giving up smoking this way, don't hesitate just go for it!
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Jo. Having been a smoker of 20+ a day for over 30 years I was very despondent having tried every avenue and method possible of giving up and failing always reverting back to smoking. I decided to try Jo after having a recommendation and was very sceptical, however I am very happy to say that after my session with Jo I am now a non-smoker.
  • I was a committed 20 plus a day smoker and have been for over 10 years. Over this time I have unsuccessfully stopped smoking for various time periods and after Jo’s hypnotherapy I am 100% certain that this was the easiest method, with negligible cravings! I haven’t had a cigarette since the session 6 weeks ago, which is testament to Jo's incredible technique. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo's hypnotherapy to stop smoking and I can see how this method can be applied to many other aspects of our lives. Many thanks Jo!
  • I can’t believe the difference the hypnosis session made to my fear of flying, as soon as I arrived at the airport, I felt calm and even can say that I really enjoyed the flight! Wizardry.  Forever grateful.
  • For most of my life I have been overweight and booked in with Jo following a recommendation from a friend. I have been very positive since my sessions with Jo.  I have seen the world in a different light and am making the most of each day. I have lost 9 pounds in weight so far.  I eat three meals a day and do not have the desire to eat snacks such as chocolate and crisps.  I was a bit apprehensive about hypnotherapy at first but I soon relaxed and enjoyed the sessions.   Jo also provided me with a hypnosis download which I listen to as much as possible which really helps. I would definitely recommend Jo, she is a kind, gentle person who makes you feel at ease.  At the end of your session you come out feeling very positive about life and what you can achieve.
  • I really liked how confident Jo was that this was in my control to sort out.  She said it would be easy and incredibly - it was!  She made me feel very relaxed too which is always nice when you have a hectic lifestyle.
  • I booked with Jo as I was making poor food and sugary/caffeine drink choices. I had got myself into a habit of feeling that 'time off' in my busy schedule was to be rewarded with snacks. I was also drinking four cans of caffeine drinks per day.  
    Since my (one) session I have had no more caffeine drinks at all. I am much more conscious of the food I am choosing to eat and how it tastes.
    I used to really enjoy chocolate but I am finding that I actually don't like the taste much and therefore I am not craving it.
    It's been over 3 months since I saw Jo and I am still feeling the impact of those positive changes to my diet.
  • I went to see Jo to help me overcome a past relationship which had been traumatic for me.  I had since been suffering with high levels of stress and anxiety and was very emotional.   I was so happy with the results of my sessions and would recommend anyone suffering with stress or anxiety to book in with Jo.
  • I was extremely satisfied with the results of my hypnotherapy sessions with Jo.  Jo made me feel relaxed and important and treated me in an extremely professional way.  I would definitely recommend her to others.
  • Jo is brilliant. She helped me tackle my overwhelming phobia of heights.  I have since been on ferris wheels and in high situations I would never have thought possible before.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to kick that phobia!
  • I would have happily paid more as the results were so amazing
  • The flight was fabulous - I had no worries at all.   I sat in the seat by the wing, next to a window and enjoyed it immensely and was totally relaxed! Pretty amazing!
  • Today has been the first day in years I've felt normal.  I did not think about him (ex) until late in the day, and then it was with very little emotion.  I'm so relieved - it's like a weight has been lifted.
  • Jo is very understanding and supportive, I would heartily recommend seeing her.
  • Since starting hypnosis with Jo, I am now eating smaller meals and rarely snack between meals and have increased my exercise regimen.  In the last few weeks I have lost over a stone and feel more energetic than I have done for a long time and have much more enthusiasm for doing my hobbies.
  • " I am really pleased! Cigarette free since our session six months ago!  Thank you so much!"
  • You were truly amazing and I could get addicted to the whole hypnosis thing thanks to you.  It was so relaxing and helped clear my mind and refocus and I have been very happy since my sessions with you.
  • I can honestly say, the flight was the most comfortable I have been on a plane for about 18 years!
  • I've not had a cigarette since I left your office.  You are right! It's amazing how easy I've found it!
  • Since my hypnotherapy sessions I no longer binge eat in fact I don't even think about it. - I just eat what I need. I have developed a much more positive attitude and lifestyle, I no longer think I'm fat and I have a healthy diet and frame of mind.   I feel better, therefore I look better.  I am so much happier and more confident in my personal life.
  • I can't thank you enough Jo, the stuff you helped me with has changed my attitude towards food forever and it is so much more positive than the relationship I had with food previously.
  • I have nothing but praise for Jo and I would recommend her to people with a variety of issues. I would advise people to take the step they need to overcome their problems.
  • So much has changed since I had hypnosis with Jo. I'm almost a completely different person and everyone else is also commenting on how much I've changed. I feel that I'm ready now to pursue a career in the police. I can't thank Jo enough - it's amazing, I'm thrilled with the results!
  • Jo was absolutely wonderful, she was exactly the objective voice and confidant I needed. She created a warm and trusting environment in which I felt completely comfortable to open up about experiences and feelings. The hypnotherapy she gave me all felt tailored to me personally, drawing on my interests which I believe made it that much more effective
  • The biggest change is that for the first time in my life I'm not obsessed with food. I'm not thinking about it all the time.  I know I don't need to continuously snack and I don't reach out for food whenever I'm stressed instead I acknowledge how I feel and think about a more useful way of dealing with it.
  • Joline was recommended to me by someone who had had amazing life changing results after a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy and although I was a little sceptical about it all, I can honestly say that it has changed my life too. I was stressed, anxious, guilt ridden, the list goes on! Joline changed the way I thought about things, gave me tools to use to help me if those negative feelings came back and made me feel that I could cope. She is just so lovely that you feel as if you have known her forever and I cannot recommend her highly enough.